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The current Australian Standards AS 2419 & AS 1851, require a 5 yearly test to be undertaken on Hydrant Systems.

 The Test comprises the following:


  • Static pressure at the most hydraulically disadvantaged attack hydrant
  • Static Pressure at Booster
  • Estimated vertical elevation between booster assembly and most hydraulically disadvantaged attack hydrant
  • No of Hydrants installed
  • Water prove all hydrants and tag
  • Number of attack hydrants flow tested at 5l/s or 10 l/s each
  • Flow rate achieved at required branch pressure at attack hydrants.
  • Branch pressure at a flow 5,10,15, 20,etcl/s from each attack hydrant
  • Boost pressure required to achieve 10,20 or higher l/s at 700kPa from attack hydrants.
  • Calculate friction loss of hydrant service Pipework & fittings between booster assembly and attack hydrant.
  • Flow rate achieved from hydrant booster assembly feed hydrants, to test town main.
  • Booster assembly feed hydrant supply pressure >200kPa
  • Non return valve test results
  • Operation of booster assembly isolation valve
  • Hydrostatic test pressure result after 1 hours duration. 1700kPa minimum required. 



  • Due to the unknown characteristics of the existing system, the owner of the property will agree in writing to indemnify Australian Fire Services Testing and its workers from any and all problems which may arise during the testing, including pipeline bursts and water damage to any and all tenants/owners/occupiers within the site and neighbouring sites.
  • A plumber is to be provided by the site owner and be available to repair any damage that may occur.
  • Re testing if a failure occurs and repairs are made by others while at site will be charged at hourly rate or a retest fee will be incurred.
  • The works exclude maintenance / replacement of valves, pipes,landing valves and hose reels and other works required to be undertaken by a licenced contractor


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