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Australian Fire Services Testing
Hydrant & Hose Reel testing
Australian Fire Services Testing

A Fire Services Testing organisation, offering specialist Testing and Certification of new and existing Hydrant Systems to comply with the current Australian Standards, AS2419.1 and Maintenance Testing to comply with AS 1851.4.

With our Equipment we are able to test and certify all Hydrant & Hose Reel Systems and Brigade Booster Assemblies which to date have only been able to be tested by the Fire Authority.

Our Services include:

.       Flow & Pressure Testing of Queensland Urban Utilties and Allconnex Street Spring Hydrants 

·       Commission & Maintenance Testing

·       Hydrant Pressure & Flow Testing

·       Booster Assembly Testing  above 700 kPa For Brigade operation Pressures

·       Certification of Pressure and Flows.

·       5 year water flow commissioning and booster tests in accordance with AS 2419.1 &  

·       Block plans. & Pressure Signs

·       Hose Reel Testing.

·       Hydrostatic Fire main testing.

·       Hydrant & Hose Reel System Installation Certification.

·       System Design

·       Certification of Pumps.

Our rates are competitive and we would welcome any enquires regarding our services.

Please contact us for any further information required.


Australian Fire Services Testing Pty Ltd - ACN 134 622 334 - QBSA 1159916, 739305, 744522